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Dear wedding pros:

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about this and that “big” publication, advertising or not advertising with X and Y. And quite frankly, it’s time someone said something.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding mean, but here it goes…

you’re looking at things all wrong!


Dear Wedding Pros: Youre looking at things all wrong! via

You’re looking at the numbers, the masses, the majority, and getting blinded by them.

Are those things good? Sure. Do they matter? Sure. But guess what? The numbers, the masses, the majority… they might not be your target client. In fact, the masses would be this: 76% of engaged couples are planning weddings with a budget of less than $30,000 (Splendid Insights, 2015). If you want higher budget couples, the answer is as simple as this: stop “hanging out” where low budget couples are hanging out.

What you should be looking at is your specific couple that you want to reach, and whether a platform or publication is reaching them.


How do you figure this out? Content. The publication or platform’s social media posts, blog post titles, what they publish, and what they publicize. Sometimes you have to read between the lines to figure out the target audience of a publication, but it SO important to do your research so you’re not throwing your money away!

You see, most publications are all about drawing in as many visitors as they can. Since the majority of couples are planning lower budget weddings, the content they write is going to be directed at drawing those couples in. This is why you see articles on major publications that are telling couples to forego hiring a professional photographer and other abominable things of the kind. Quite frankly, they couldn’t care less whether it’s wrong or right information- they just care about drawing in as many people as they can. If a platform or publication is telling brides how to have a wedding for $5,000 or not to hire a professional, that is the couple they are targeting. Simple as that.

Since our audience at Every Last Detail is one that is hiring professionals and spending over $30,000 on their wedding, I’m going to use that as the “target client” in my examples. First off, that is our audience because that is what I know. When I was a wedding planner, I didn’t plan low budget weddings. For the most part, I was able to plan weddings with budgets of over $30,000. And in doing that, I realized that it’s really hard to have a wedding using professional wedding vendors for anything less than that price point, because things cost what things cost. Hence the development of my goal of educating couples about weddings and encouraging them to hire professionals. For us at Every Last Detail, we definitely do not attract the masses, nor do we want to. When we do attract the wrong couples, they know pretty quickly that they’re in the wrong place- all thanks to the content that we have on our site.

So with those things considered, here’s an example that applies to some of my friends:

You may not want the couples who just want to replicate everything they see on Pinterest and not put any thought or personality into their wedding. You may decide that you want couples who are going to put thought and intention into their wedding planning and design, because you know that those are the weddings that are the most meaningful and enjoyable.

(Note: the above example may or may not apply to you and is in no way meant to indicate any correlation with thought, intention, or using Pinterest with wedding budget.)

Take that same “ideal client” perspective, and apply it to publishing your work and spending your marketing dollars.

Put thought and intention into where you are marketing yourself, using your ideal couple as the driving force behind your decisions.


Now, if your ideal couple *is* the Pinterest wedding type, then go for the masses. But if that’s not your ideal couple, get specific and direct so you can be where your ideal couple is; work with the publications and platforms that are attracting your ideal couple.

A wedding blogger who wants you to succeed!
(AKA Lauren Grove)

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Dear Wedding Pros: Youre looking at things all wrong! via


Founder & Editor at Every Last Detail
Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.
Dear Wedding Pros: Youre looking at things all wrong! via

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  1. Michelle (a Vendor)

    Thank you Lauren! We love you so much for being such an advocate of our profession!

  2. Inna Olimpiyuk (a Vendor)

    Wow! Lauren, I love it!!! Such a great post!

  3. Linda Shobe (a Vendor)

    Very, very good information. Sometimes its scary to stick to your guns on who your target audience is, but if you don’t, you will never have your target audience as a client.

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