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Okay, I was honestly trying to stay away from the Coronavirus talk because I just don’t like to hop on bandwagons.

And while I’m seeing a lot about contracts and wedding reschedules and all of the more immediate things, I want to take things a different direction, and look to the future.

I want to encourage you to think about what you can do as wedding professionals to help ease the minds of couples who are still in the stage of wedding planning where they’re looking for vendors and booking them.

(Because yes, this is the majority of my audience at ELD!)

If video is more of your thing, I also did a FB Live on this information, which you can see below:

First off, there are still SO MANY couples who are planning their weddings for several months to a year away. In fact, maybe even more now, if they feel compelled to push their wedding dates back a bit.

With that said- make sure your marketing efforts are active and in place so that you can be booking more NOW for these future weddings.

Get in front of engaged couples where they ARE: social media.


Even more so now, because with social distancing, that means that they are going to be less likely to be out and about, and more likely to be bored and hanging out on social media.


Here are a few things you can do with your social media… well, okay, let’s be real- more specifically, Instagram:

*Make sure your Instagram profile is updated with your location and what you do.

*Develop a strategy of finding and connecting with potential engaged couples.

*Make sure that your profile is reflecting your portfolio in the best ways possible. You can do this by establishing a posting pattern, and making sure that you have an aesthetically pleasing feed. (Or, shameless plug, you can hire me to help you with that. 😉 )

*And if you’re not sure about any of this, you should absolutely check out all of the information from the Instagram For Wedding Pros Virtual Summit that I hosted in the Fall!


Invest your marketing dollars into platforms that will also be providing you with online, social media exposure.


Something like my vendor marketing service, The V List, would be great for this, because I consistently post about my members on ELD’s social media platforms reaching engaged couples around the US.  With the “social distancing” that is being suggested, something like this is also an excellent alternative to spending money on bridal shows where fewer couples are going to be showing up. (You can apply here.)


SEO, Blogging, & Getting Published


Make sure that you are blogging, so you can ensure that you’re adding what I like to call “SEO link juice” to the internet. Also, don’t forget to submit your work to publications that have your ideal audience- because again, everyone is going to be way more active online in coming weeks!


Virtual Meetings


And finally, get an online meeting platform in place for your potential client consults. Zoom, Skype, FB video chats, FaceTime- there are plenty of options out there. You don’t have to sacrifice making a direct connection with potential couples, because you can do it via video meetings.

And even better, make it EASY for potential clients to schedule these virtual meetings with you- Calendly and Acuity are two scheduling platforms that are very popular, and you can connect them with your meeting platforms too.


I hope these pieces of advice will help you out and give you a little bit of comfort in thinking more towards the future, because there are still so many couples out there planning their weddings!

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