Dear wedding professional friends:

I felt like it was about time you all knew:

The V List isn’t just a vendor guide,
it’s an all-inclusive marketing platform.

The V List isn’t a never-ending list of vendors like most vendor guides. It’s exclusive, and place for the best of the best in the wedding industry. So what else is The V List?


It’s a community.

A community that connects you with other professionals. Professionals all around the country whom you would have never known otherwise. Professionals who will encourage your growth, answer questions, and share your passion.

It’s exclusive.

Members of The V List are all reviewed and approved by ME. To maintain exclusivity and the ease of searching for brides, there are a limited number of members for each location and vendor type. With The V List, you aren’t one in a sea of a million others.  You are one in an exclusive group of the BEST wedding professionals in the country.

It’s a marketing platform.

A platform that puts you right in front of brides, with words spoken by someone who truly wants your business to grow. Someone who brides trust, and who wants them to have amazing weddings, with amazing professionals to help them. A platform in which your business can be marketed not just the day you join, but throughout your time as a member.

It’s a relationship. 

You will work closely with me. I will keep an eye out for you. Potential opportunities, your successes, and your needs are all of the utmost importance to me. It is my job to help you grow your business and to tell brides about you, and I hold that close to my heart. :)

And finally, yes, it is a vendor guide.

A vendor guide in which brides know that the vendors listed have been reviewed and approved by me. A guide so detailed that when brides inquire with you, they feel like they already know you. The information given in the vendor guide essentially pre-qualifies brides, so that when they inquire, they don’t need to ask what your pricing is- they’re asking if you’re available for their wedding. And not only are these brides informed, they are also educated about your value, and will continue to be educated about their wedding.


Yes, The V List is


than just a vendor guide.


Every Last Detail is all about educating brides and encouraging them to hire professional wedding vendors. It is my passion and JOB to connect brides with amazing wedding professionals like you. I would love to work with you and show you all that The V List is!


All my best, 

Lauren Grove, Editor & Owner


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*Please note: As much as I would love to give this to everyone for free, The V List is a paid service. Affordable options are available for full and monthly payments*