What Is The V List? via TheELD.com

I’ve been asked this question a few times over the past few months, and so I thought it was time to share the answer to it!

Let’s start with…

What Is The V List? via TheELD.com


Sure, on the exterior (aka on Every last Detail), The V List IS a vendor guide.

BUT, The V List isn’t a never-ending list of vendors like most vendor guides.


So then… what is The V List?


 What Is The V List? via TheELD.com

Being a V List member means that you will receive ongoing marketing that puts you right in front of brides, with words spoken by ME- someone who truly wants your business to grow. A very large part of success in advertising online is being able to get in front of an audience that may contain your potential client.It is my aim for Every Last Detail to be a platform in which your business can be marketed throughout your time as a member.

As a way of extending the reach of your brand, V List Members receive the following:

– Posts on Every Last Detail’s Facebook page

– Posts on Every Last Detail’s Twitter account

– Posts on Every Last Detail’s Instagram account .

– Opportunity to be included in Every Last Detail’s emails to brides

– Quotes in Every Last Detail blog posts

– Images included in Every Last Detail blog posts

– Ability to write and submit educational blog posts for brides

Members-only publicity opportunities are also provided to members of the V List. Photo shoot participation, blog post quote requests, calls for content, contributing blog posts, and other members-only opportunities are all included with the marketing tool that is Every Last Detail’s The V List.


What Is The V List? via TheELD.com

The V List is a community that connects you with other professionals. Professionals all around the country whom you would have never known otherwise. Professionals who will encourage your growth, answer questions, and share your passion. Professionals who you can collaborate with on exclusive V List opportunities. Professionals who you can refer, and who will refer you, knowing that fellow community members are already of a high standard.

As a part of this community, you will also receive access to members-only resources to help you better your business. Webinars, exclusive content, and virtual networking events are just a few of the perks that come with a V List Membership.

And finally, as a part of the V List community, you will have a relationship with me. You will work closely with me, and I will keep an eye out for you. (If I don’t hear from you for a while, I will probably email you or Facebook message you.) Potential opportunities, your success, and your needs are all of the utmost importance to me. It is my job to help you grow your business and to tell brides about you, and I hold that close to my heart. :)


 What Is The V List? via TheELD.com

I’ll be the first to tell you that ELD’s audience may not be in the millions, but it is TARGETED to the bride who is hiring professionals.

Every Last Detail’s content is targeted to a specific type of bride- the Premium to Luxury Bride. This bride is spending over $25,000 on her wedding, is hiring professionals, and wants her wedding to reflect her and her partner. The weddings, inspiration shoots, and tips that are shared on Every Last Detail are geared towards this bride. You won’t see any DIY weddings (not to be confused with “handmade”) or “how to do your own XYZ” posts on Every Last Detail.

Thanks to Every Last Detail’s targeted content that educates brides and encourages them to hire professionals, brides turn to me and ELD for my recommendations of those wedding professionals. The V List is how I make sure I’m recommending the absolute best wedding vendors to ELD brides.

My goal for Every Last Detail is to educate brides and encourage them to hire professional wedding vendors. It is my passion- and I consider it my JOB- to connect brides with amazing wedding professionals, and I’m able to do this with The V List.


What Is The V List? via TheELD.com

Members of The V List are required to submit an application for consideration, and all vendors are vetted and verified by ME- Lauren, the founder and editor of Every Last Detail. Each professional’s quality of work, time in business, client reviews, and brand presence are all considered in the vetting process. To maintain exclusivity and the ease of searching for brides, I have a limited number of members for each location and vendor type. With The V List, you aren’t one in a sea of a million others.  You are one in an exclusive group of the BEST wedding professionals in the country.


What Is The V List? via TheELD.com

And finally, yes, it is a vendor guide. A vendor guide in which brides know that the vendors listed have been reviewed and approved by me. A guide so detailed that when brides inquire with you, they feel like they already know you. The information presented in vendor profiles essentially pre-qualifies brides, so that when they inquire, they don’t need to ask what your pricing is- they’re asking if you’re available for their wedding. And not only are these brides informed, they are also educated about your value, and will continue to be educated about their wedding.



What Is The V List? via TheELD.com


You don’t just have to take my word for it though. I asked a few members of the V List to share what their answer to the question “What is The V List” would be…


What Is The V List? via TheELD.com


What Is The V List? via TheELD.com


As you can see, The V List isn’t your typical advertising avenue. It’s not something that is meant to be stagnant.

It’s meant to be a tool for you to use. And it’s not for everyone. But…


What Is The V List? via TheELD.com

I would love to work with you and show you all that The V List is!

Since I verify and vet each member of The V List, an application is required. You may submit your application below.

What Is The V List? via TheELD.com


*Please note: Membership to The V List is a paid service.
[Affordable payment options are available! If you would like to find out those options prior to applying, please contact me at lauren@everylastdetailblog.com]