location: California, LA, Orange County | type: Cinematography | style: Classic, Eclectic, Modern, Vintage | price: $35,000 to $70,000, $70,000 and up, up to $35,000

Imprint Cinema

contact: Imprint Cinema- Sammantha
email: Info@ImprintCinema.com
phone: 407.504.1290
website: http://www.ImprintCinema.com
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Why do you see yourself as being Modern, Vintage, Classic, or Eclectic?

We are all of those, and none of those. We see ourselves as creating a look that brings out the personality and style of each bride. We have created soft vintage films as well as funky and modern films. We meet with each couple and customize their film to their relationship, love story, personality, and their wedding day.


What is your favorite wedding detail you've ever seen or created?

Samm: I love details of weddings. They are one of my favorite parts- from a pair of shoes, piece of jewelry, or a dress, you can really get a feeling for who a bride is and her sense of style. My favorite one though? Hard choice but I have to go with a pair of handcrafted matching gold wedding bands. They were so ornate yet matching. So different from anything I had ever seen.

Alex: I love the dress-specifically shooting the dress. Each one says something so different and I love finding the perfect place to make the dress shine.


What is your favorite store or brand?

Samm: Anthropologie is my personal Disney World (My happiest place on earth) I could spend forever there. And Ikea!

Alex: Umm... B&H- Its camera equipment and yes, I am a giant tech-nerd


What advice do you have for a newly engaged bride?

Samm: Be excited! Then take a deep breath and start following some awesome blogs- they will help SO much!

Alex: Make sure you know what the most important things are for your wedding - and then make sure your budget allows room for those.


What is your favorite thing about weddings?

Samm: I love that filming a wedding is someone's real story, no actors, no pretending. I love getting to capture a couple's once in a lifetime moments.

Alex: Cake! Just Kidding. I love the buildup of anticipation all day then getting to see the looks on their faces when a bride and groom see each other for the first time.


What qualities do you possess that enable you to work well with brides and grooms?

We're awesome!? No seriously, we’re extremely passionate about what we do and we only do weddings. This is not a side gig, or part time job. We’ve dedicated ourselves to making films for brides and grooms and it fulfils us everyday.


What steps do you take to ensure that your clients will have amazing wedding days when working with you?

We are a full service Wedding Film Studio. We want to help our couple's with their big day in any way we possibly can. We provide venue walk troughs, customized meetings, and a 24 hr guarantee on all calls, texts, and emails. We make ourselves available to our couples at all times and for whatever they need: vendor referrals, time line planning, or just to vent, we are here!

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