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Why do you see yourself as being Modern, Vintage, Classic, or Eclectic?

Many years back I started as a classic wedding photographer. But, weddings today are much more personal and even more intimate. Brides are sophisticated and fashionable and grooms are cool and just as involved in the wedding process as brides are. I am in love with telling love stories, capturing images that reflect playfulness, romance and emotion. I love to tell stories that are fresh, free and natural. I encourage my couples to just engaged with each other, have some fun and show me the way they love. Those kinds of images tell a greater story that is unique and meaningful. I love to incorporate all of that with fresh and modern portraiture driven by light and an almost abstract feeling that tells a narrative. I am always looking to create a few art pieces my couples would love to hang proudly in their home. My film background always calls me back. I love the feeling film ads to images; it really completes my vision for story telling. So, vintage is always modern to me, I love to shoot film and will even some Polaroid at every wedding I photograph.

What is your favorite wedding detail you've ever seen or created?

I have to be honest. When I first started my business a couple of years back I did not like to shoot details. Actually I hated it. However, over the last year I have become quite obsessed with details and now I just cannot get enough of them. I ask all my brides to allow plenty of time to shoot their details. Even if I bring a second shooter I still want to do them myself. My most recent favorite detail was a little gold pin rabbit. It had a beautiful blue sapphire stone. It was to be pinned under the wedding dress as something blue. It has be one of the most beautiful details I have ever seen. But, the story behind that gold pin was even better. It was a family heirloom passed down for 4 generations. It had come all the way from Greece. It belonged to the groom who received it from his mother for his wedding day. The mother had received it from her groom, who had received it from his mother for their wedding day and so forth. It now belonged to my bride on her wedding day. She has to pass it down to her son on his wedding day as he will give it as a gift to his bride. Fun right! It gave me goose bumps.

What is your favorite store or brand?

I love Valentino. My entire branding is designed around it. My logo mark, the lovebug, was inspired by a lovebug broche Valentino designed years ago. It was just cool, playful, sophisticated and elegant. Some of the modern aspects of my photography are influenced by Valentino, as well. I love their fashion driven, sophisticated, gritty and edgy style. I also find myself crazy about anything to do with JCrew; it’s so fresh and cool. BHLDN is so romantic and sophisticated. I also love that Boho style of Free People. I am a little bit of a mutt when it comes to fashion and I think it seeps through into my photography.

What advice do you have for a newly engaged bride?

There are so many things I can say about this topic. Some are definitely more cliche than others. Like, get the best photographer you can possibly afford; cut some money off the flowers and food if you have too. Hahaha!! But in all seriousness, I am all about the experience of couples on their wedding day. It should not be a day overfilled to the rim with things to do every 15 minutes. I believe it should be a day to just have a great time, your way, and no one else's way. Take lots of time to enjoy the process. Take time to just sit and relax. Take time away from the crowd, just you and your new husband.

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

The story to be told is really what drives me. From beginning to end, even some of the stressful moments I believe are special; I love laughter, tears and dancing. Some of my favorite parts of the day are the getting ready moments because people are calm and enjoying themselves. It’s a great time for reflection and a time to feel the excitement of what is to come. I also love the very moment after the ceremony is over, as the couple walks down the aisle. I think it’s probably my single most favorite moment of the day. The couple looks overjoyed as they hold hands for the first time as husband and wife and as they look at their friends and family cheering them on. Fun receptions are always awesome, especially when couples love to party, dance and spend time together.

What qualities do you possess that enable you to work well with brides and grooms?

What steps do you take to ensure that your clients will have amazing wedding days when working with you?

I asked myself these questions for a long time and I think recently I found an answer. As I mentioned before, I am all about the experience of my brides and grooms. I am always conscious about how they are feeling and the experience they are having. Some couples like more pictures than others. if I ever feel it's time to stop the shoot, I will not push my couples for more and more. I try to make them feel as comfortable in front of the lens as possible, with either minimal coaching or sometimes telling them exactly what to do if I feel that works with them best. I give them time to be themselves and even freedom to try things they want to try. I think that is part of the experience; its a fine gurgling act but I believe and I also been told that I am good at it. I am sensitive to people's feelings and I fall in love with people easily. This makes i easy for me to care about them like family or friends. I believe that create good photography there must be a relationship between the photographer and the bride and groom long before the wedding day. So, I try to get to know my couples before the wedding. I spend time with them in person or at least over the phone. Engagement sessions are super important for this type of relationship.


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