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Why do you see yourself as being Modern, Vintage, Classic, or Eclectic?

I'm a modern photographer because I use what is offered throughout the day and depict it in that way. You can say that I offer everything from classic, eclectic, and vintage. I define "Modern" as collective style-- bringing all possibilities to the table. During the day, I use natural light. At night, well, your images will look like it was in the evening (but in an awesome way!). I am not the type to make evening pictures look like it was taken during the day, and not that dark-and-moody photographer that will make your day time pictures look like it was taken during the evening. Day time will look like day time, and night time will look like night time. Sunset will be, well, sunset.

What is your favorite wedding detail you've ever seen or created?

My favorite detail I have ever seen was the cocktail hour lounge the bride had created. The bride and groom loved collecting antiques, so she brought her whole home to the wedding venue--yes, her furniture, rugs, and tables! It was different and a part of who they were.

What is your favorite store or brand?

BCBG and Gianni Binni! I love their clothing

What advice do you have for a newly engaged couple?

Do your research. Ask for an entire wedding gallery. Ask if they know how to use OCF (Off camera flash). Even if the photographer doesn't use OCF and leans towards using all natural light, the fact that they know how to use it shows that they know what they are doing.

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

The details, and my alone time with the bride and groom. Pure, raw, emotional moments throughout the day are a great part of the day I love to capture, but during the portion of the day where I have the opportunity to photograph the bride and groom alone, that's where I get to use my creative freedom.

What qualities do you possess that enable you to work well with brides and grooms?

Being an overall happy, smiley, and optimistic person. Although I have a ton of ideas that helps my creative drive, I also believe it's important to listen to the bride and groom.

What steps do you take to ensure that your clients will have amazing wedding days when working with you?

I make sure to get all the details of the wedding day, and I create a custom timeline. That way, both I and the bride/groom will know where to be throughout the day. A timeline is important in setting expectations.


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