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Today I’m bringing back the Tuesday Tips series! If you’re a new reader, Tuesday Tips is a tips and advice series for all members of the bridal party! You can see past Bridal Party Tips posts in the Bridal Party section of ELD 101! This week I have a bridesmaid post for you from the lovely Erin of The Not Wedding and The Engagement Party, all about the duties of a bridesmaid! They’re all yours Erin…


The showers are over, the dresses have been altered, everyone has recuperated from the bachelorette party and now it’s time for Wedding Weekend!

Here are a few tips on assisting your bride through her big day…


-Assist with any loose ends, whether it is finishing the welcome bags, favors or decorating the reception hall.  Be helpful and do it all with a smile!

-At the Rehearsal Dinner, make sure the bride is able to mix and mingle with all of her guests but make sure she doesn’t have TOO good of a time and she’s in bed at a reasonable hour.

-The night before the wedding, she is sure to be anxious.  Make sure she is relaxed, maybe watch a movie but mainly, just try to calm her nerves and make sure gets some shut eye.

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-Just like the night before, make sure the bride is calm and enjoying her day.  So, if any hiccups pop up throughout the day try and handle them without stressing the bride.

-If there are any last minute details that need to be dealt with, or if any errands need to be taken care of, volunteer! Marriage license left at the house…you’re on it!

-Make sure she has packed her overnight bag, make-up so she can freshen up later in the evening and a change of shoes for the reception.

-After arriving at the reception, help bustle her dress.

-Make sure the bride and groom eat!  After going all day long, usually, the last thing they think of is grabbing a bite to eat.  Fix them a small plate, they’ll thank you later.

-Save them a trip to the bar by refilling their drinks.

-Assist the families.  Moms can get just as stressed, if not more, by the time the wedding rolls around.  By keeping an eye on their drinks or grabbing them a slice of cake, you’ll help them relax and enjoy the party!

-Get up and dance!  Help get the party started and let guests know the dance floor is open.

-Take lots of pictures throughout the day.

-Right before the B&G get ready to head off, make sure their overnight bags make it to the getaway car, along with any snacks the caterers pack up for them.

-Help wrap things up at the end of the evening.  After the couple has departed, and the guests disperse, assist the families in making sure the guest book, cake accessories and wedding gifts make it to the appropriate car(s).

-At this point, I know you’ve probably already spent an arm and leg on this event, but buying the happy couple a gift- it doesn’t have to be much- is a meaningful last touch.


-At this point, if you’re still feeling generous, offer to pick them up from the airport when they return from their honeymoon!


All EXCELLENT tips. I don’t know about you, but the first few times I was a bridesmaid, I had NO IDEA what I was supposed to do! I’m sure this will clear things up for a few of you bridesmaids-to-be! Thank you so much for this post Erin!

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