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Just because you like it, that doesn’t mean it’s right for your wedding.

This was a tough lesson that I had to learn when I was planning my wedding. Mostly because everything that I found that I liked was either 1) way too expensive or 2) completely not right for the style of my wedding! Trust me- I totally wanted some pretty milk glass and mason jars at my wedding, but that didn’t quite go with my elegant ballroom wedding.

The problem is (and it’s a good problem to have), there are SO MANY cool things out there that everyone always LOVES! So many new weddings are posted on blogs every single day with new color schemes, new details, etc etc. All of these things are awesome of course, but they may not be right for your wedding.

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So what determines if something is *right* for your wedding or not?

1. Style– Of course this is #1 on my list, because I’m all about everything being cohesive with the style of your wedding. Mason jars are not going to be the best bet if you’re having a modern wedding at a super chic modern art museum. If you stick to your wedding’s style, then you should be okay. (For more info on wedding style, go here and here)

2. Practicality– Oooo, that’s a big word. But it’s true- if something isn’t practical for your wedding, then you don’t need it. Do you need a seating chart, escort cards, and placecards? The answer is no- it’s not practical to have all those things. Is it practical to have wedding program fans when your ceremony is in a church? Hmmm- not so much.

3. YOU– Yep, pretty simple, but it’s kind of a big thing. I touched on this a few weeks ago with a post about making wedding inspiration your own. You want your guests to say that something at your wedding is “So your name here and your fiance’s name here!”

I see lots of weddings that have details/designs/concepts that just don’t *go* with the whole wedding. Now YES, you should definitely have things that you like! No, actually, you should have things that you LOVE! But if you just stick to these 3 things when you’re *loving* something, it’ll help you stay on the straight and narrow for your wedding details. :)


[Editor’s note: You know, another aspect to this would be “Just because everyone else has it doesn’t mean you have to.” I’ve had a lot of my brides think that they *have* to have something because they saw it at so-and-so’s wedding or they saw it on a blog yesterday. So not true! Have whatever you want or don’t want- it’s YOUR wedding! That is, just as long as you stick to the 3 guidelines to help you decide! ;) ]

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Thursday Tips: Just Because You Like It... via


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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

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  1. Jessica

    This might be my favorite Thursday tip yet. I think it’s hard for brides to find their wedding voice now because the industry is so super saturated with inspiration. It’s great to have blogs/magazines/etc that inspire you but you can so easily get lost in that swirl of pretty. Sort of a catch 22.

  2. Jasmine - This Moment Events

    This is why brides need planners! my planning process includes an in depth look at event elements that go beyond “it’s cute!” I strive to make sure my couples only have the things that they *LOVE* and not waste any time or money on things they just thought was a good idea. Simplify to make it Fabulous!!

  3. Lottie Fowler

    What a great topic! I couldn’t agree more.

  4. WrappedCouture

    This was a great post and your editor’s note was right on point. It reminded me of one of my brides who wanted to change her mind on previously selected items because she couldn’t stop looking at magazines or searching online. I’m all for being yourself and incorporating your own style and personality into your own wedding and doing what makes sense (being practical) for the type of wedding you chose.

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