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So you’re up to your necks in the beginnings of planning your wedding. What’s that? There’s a bridal show this weekend? Next weekend? The weekend after that? There are going to be bridal shows left and right in the time that you’re engaged. So when should you go and not go?


GO to a bridal show if you need inspiration, vendors, or a venue. Basically you should go to a bridal show if you NEED anything for your wedding.


DON’T go to a bridal show if you already have all of your vendors, if your wedding is the next weekend, or if you to win something. Free things only go so far- the secret is that they’re never really totally free. You’ll always have to end up paying something.


And so, a few tips to keep in mind when attending a bridal show…


… Just bring whoever is helping you the most in your wedding planning. Your best friend, your mom, your fiance, whoever it is. Don’t bring your WHOLE family- cousins, aunts, grandmothers, babies.


… Get inspired! Take photos, take handouts, and then go to vendors’ sites when you get home. Chances are those photos you saw in their books will be on their sites.


… If vendors have some sort of photo album out, look through it- don’t be afraid to. You’ll know if they’re right for you or not when looking.


… If you like a vendor, talk to them. Try to connect with them. It could save you both a little bit of “getting to know” time when you schedule a time to meet.


… Vendors do shows to get brides like you! But just because they’re doing a show doesn’t mean they’re hurting for business. Very few times, yes, but most of the time vendors have bridal shows worked into their marketing plans. (Note: I used to think just that- that vendors who did shows were “bad” vendors and completely sucked. But now I know that thought is totally wrong. You just have to know how to pick out the good ones, like choosing apples.) [Did I really just compare vendors to fruit? Yes, yes I did.]


… When you get home from the show, it’s going to be overwhelming. You’ll most likely have a bag filled with business cards, handouts, and sheets of paper. Go through it all right then and there. Throw away the info for the vendors that you know you didn’t like. And then keep the info from those that you did like.


… Contact vendors that you liked that day or later in the week. Because there are only  SO many wedding dates available, and you want your first pick of vendors!


It’s so funny for me to read these, because what did I do when I attended my first and only bridal show back in 2008? Oh yes, I brought my grandmother. And all she did was complain because of the walking. So funny to look back on my complete lack of knowledge then! Which is why I write ELD for all of you! :)


So who’s going to a bridal this weekend, or has already gone? How was it?


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Lauren Grove is the editor and owner of Every Last Detail. A clueless bride-turned-wedding planner, Lauren uses her experiences and knowledge to educate and inspire brides all over the world.

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  1. Rachel

    Great post and tips! I will say that my friend and I went to a show last year where she won a nice mixer and didn’t pay a dime! The tickets were free too, so free stuff IS possible-albeit rare. :)

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