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Last week I posted about finding vendors, and this week I thought I would offer up some tidbits about booking vendors!

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If a vendor is providing you with a proposal, it’s just that. Proposing what he or she can do for you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change your colors or the style of your wedding. A proposal is basically just the vendor saying, “This is what I can do for you, and this is how much I can do it for.”

Keep in mind that a proposal does not book your wedding date with that vendor. Many vendors will not reserve your wedding date until they receive some sort of payment from you. It’s not them being greedy- it’s just business. Even if you’ve told them that you’re going to be booking with them, they still can’t reserve your date. Once money is received and a contract is signed, you have that vendor all to yourself on your wedding day.

Something else to keep in mind with a proposal: they’re not for forever. Pricing of things can change- it could be due to seasons, demand, or just inflation. Analogy time: You kind of want to treat a proposal as an expensive dress that’s on sale, and there’s only one in your size. You like the dress a lot, and it looks great on you, but the price still isn’t what you like. So you decide to wait to see if the price will go down in a week or two. You go back to the store 2 weeks later, and the dress is gone. (The proposal and your wedding date= the dress, get it?)

 The above “tidbit” is especially important to remember if you’re getting married during a busy season. If you’ve chosen a date in the spring months, chances are it’s a very popular time for weddings. If you sit on a proposal for too long, that vendor is most likely going to have another inquiry for the same day as your wedding day. Long story short- if you find a vendor you love but aren’t quite sure what you want from them yet, put down a deposit to book your date. The good vendors book up fast, up to a year ahead of time, so you want to snag them while you can!


So there you have it- some of my thoughts about booking yours vendors. Just think of all of your proposals (the good ones at least) as designer dresses on sale, and you’ll be set! :)

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{Thursday Tips} Booking Your Wedding Vendors via


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  1. Charlene @ Sweetchic

    What a GREAT analogy (about the dress), and a GREAT post! Keep spreadin’ the word!

  2. Aleah + Nick

    Great post! It’s especially important to keep in mind a proposal versus a contract when dealing caterers and venues. We have to remind our clients of this often!

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