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I am so excited to have wedding planner extraordinaire Amanda Freeman of Bliss Weddings & Events guest blogging for today’s Thursday Tips! Her original post was titled “Why Your Wedding Will Suck”, but I softened it up a little for you. :) Amanda is a wedding planner who tells it like it is- my kind of girl! Take it away Amanda…

Weddings are a time for celebration, excitement, love and personality. All of those are very important, but this isn’t one of those posts. It is time to BE REAL.

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Photo by Bates Photographic from the awesomely personalized wedding of Melissa & Todd

There are hundreds of thousands of weddings around the world every year. A few thousand of those are featured on blogs, websites, in magazines, and spread around like wildfire via Facebook, Twitter and other social addictions. It is pretty obvious which trends are in and which ones are out, but did you notice how quickly that seems to change recently? The speed that these mustache holding, “vintage modern”, DIY, cupcake towered, candy buffet having, tea party looking events go out of style blows my mind. Don’t get me wrong, each one of those things can be beautiful. My question is… Is it really you that you are planning for? Or are you planning for the blogs and magazines?

  1. Sure, we all love to look at the gorgeous pictures of the mismatched chairs and twinkle light filled trees, but we also have to get a grip on what is right for us. We need to keep in mind that these shoots may be staged and, even if they are real weddings, may be WAY out of our budgets. It is important to do your research and really learn what you can get for what you can afford. Trust me, if I had an unlimited budget, I could spend $200,000 in about an hour without blinking. Should I spend $200,000? No way in hell. If you dig yourself a huge hole filled with debt before your marriage, you will spend a huge chunk of your newly minted relationship in a whole lot of stress that you just don’t need. Be real with your budget.
  2. Just because we see something we like, doesn’t mean we’ve found something that is right. I am personally not a fan of overly frilly and girly details. The “tea party” theme is all the rage right now. If I were to do that and my friends all showed up, they would probably come over to check my pulse and temperature. Those details are great for some, but wouldn’t fit my own personality at all. If you pick a theme or motif that isn’t really you, your guests will be left with a feeling of disconnect and will probably wonder what was really going on. Just because the blogs say this theme is awesome, or that theme is the best, doesn’t mean it is right for you. Be real with your personality.
  3. If you are a bride who has always been considered a Tom Boy, or a groom who is more of a lumberjack than an executive, pay attention to your style for the event. If you don’t typically wear a ton of makeup, DON’T! Instead, wear just enough. The most important thing you can remember is to be yourself. That is the love of your life standing across from you. If they can’t even recognize you, how are your guests supposed to? Be real with your style.
  4. Throw out your old ideas of what a wedding should be and get with the program. Today’s events are filled to the brim with personality and unique details that make them the perfect representation of the couple who is being celebrated. Just because brides are supposed to wear veils, doesn’t mean you have to. Or because most grooms wear a tux, doesn’t mean you can’t wear something a little more comfortable. Be REAL. Period.

About the authorAmanda Freeman is the owner of Bliss Weddings & Events, an event planning company based in Michigan. With over 5 years with Bliss Weddings, certification as a Professional Bridal Consultant, a background in corporate events and the time she spent as a banquet manager, Amanda’s excitement and love of being a part of such a memorable event is what keeps her motivated to excel in wedding and event industry. You can read more from Amanda [here] at her blog!

Amanda, I love you for this post! Thank you SO much for writing it and sharing it with all of us! And all you wonderful ELD readers, what do you think? Thoughts? Comments? You know what to do- share ’em in the comments! :)

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Thursday Tips: Be REAL About Your Wedding via

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  1. Nicole

    Thank you Amanda! This couldn’t have made me happier! We are untraditional people that will be having a wedding that is our style. It is ‘Our’ day afterall. =)


  2. Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}

    Thanks for laying it out so plainly. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the pretty details of another couple’s wedding. You’re exactly right. It’s so important to focus on your own personality and priorities. The best weddings I have attended were meaningful and personal, no matter what the budget or theme. Guests can tell when you have striven to make your wedding meaningful rather than trendy or over-the-top.

  3. Amanda Freeman

    Thanks Christie and Nicole! You guys are so sweet and I am glad you both have your heads in the right place. ;)

  4. Michelle Guzman

    Great advice from Amanda. Awesome post. :)

  5. april bishop

    Nice article for anyone who need plan for wedding. I like it very much. Thank you for writing such type article. I will arrange a wedding ceremony very soon and this site helped me.

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