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I have another Pro Insight post for you all this afternoon! This week’s post by ELV wedding planner Fallon Carter is all about trusting your intuition when making decisions for your wedding- something that is SO important to remember!


Decisions, decisions and more decisions. Cake flavors, floral design, wedding colors, invitation format, bridesmaid dresses…whew…when does it end? As a bride, planning a wedding can make you feel like you are on a never ending carousel of decision making. It is an overwhelming process. If you are not careful you can make yourself sick with picking, choosing, thinking and re-thinking before make a final decision. A wedding planner will bring you close to a final decision by offering professional guidance and suggestions, but ultimately you are the final say in the decision making process. Asking for input from friends and family can prove to be helpful, most of the time, but can often turn into a situation where you have too many chefs in the kitchen…and no one to enjoy the meal.

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When you find yourself at wits end, going back and forth over THE dress, the colors and the flowers and wish everyone would keep their “2 cents” to themselves…just STOP. Listen to your intuition. I know it may sound crazy- but I often tell my brides to sit down, be quiet and close your eyes- if time permits, take a nap. When you just stop and listen, everything will fall into place. This is one of the most memorable times in your life and you want to look back on it and smile. No planner, florist, cake designer, stylist, best friend, or soon to be mother-in-law can tell you what you like, or what you want to see at your wedding.

This is your special day and it should represent you and your groom. Trust yourself, your judgment and your GUT. Listen to your best friends suggestions about the wedding dress and thank her for her input, but remember, come wedding day you have to wear it-she doesn’t. Listen to your intuition and allow YOUR feelings to guide you to making ever decision the perfect one.


Of course I TOTALLY agree! Ultimately, decisions need to be your own and not anyone else’s. Take Fallon’s advice and just STOP, clear your head, and think about what YOU want. Thank you so much for sharing your pro(fessional) insight with us Fallon!


{Fallon Carter Weddings, a wedding planner based in New York, is an approved Upgraded vendor of Every Last Vendor. All Upgraded ELV vendors are contributors for the Pro Insight series.}

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Pro Insight: Trust Your Intuition via


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  1. Melina

    This had to be THE hardest thing when I was planning my wedding, I really wanted to go with my gut on a few things but I felt like giving in to some things would keep some people happy. However, it is the very thing I look back on with regret. That I didn’t stick to what my gut was telling me. Brides, definitely don’t take this advice lightly!

  2. Christie O. {Hindsight Bride}

    Great advice. I would add to that that you should reserve the right to change your mind about things. When I was planning my wedding my ideas and tastes changed over time. I made sure I forgave myself my fickleness even when friends and family were frustrated by it. Ultimately my journey led me to the exact place I wanted to be with my wedding and marriage beyond. I’m glad I was kind to myself during and allowed myself the wiggle room to explore.

  3. Jessica@TWB

    Great advice. And I also love those bridesmaid shoes in the photo.

  4. rhiannon {hey Gorg}

    AMEN! I couldnt have said it any better. what a great post.

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