by: Lauren
Bella Figura Sample Sale via

I wanted to share this great opportunity with everyone!

If you’ve ever wondered just what all the fuss about letterpress is, here is your chance! Bella Figura is selling samples of their invitations for only $1 each! All of the proceeds will be going to It’s a steal and you’re making a donation at the same time. Genius!

This is a great opportunity to see how gorgeous letterpress is, as well as take a look at some gorgeous invitations. I know I’ll be ordering some just to keep on hand for future brides!

by: Lauren

I’ve had a late start to my day, as I had to take family to the airport at 5 AM.

Here are few things I’ve seen in the past few weeks that I wanted to share with you all!

If you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, go there NOW! It’s not a physical store, it’s an online community of “stores” where creative people sell their handmade items. They have everything from furniture to hair pieces. It’s a GREAT place to find items for your wedding!

The Etsy store PaperEclectiques sells unique and custom paper items. She currently has a slew of different items that can be used for so many things! Here a few items that would be perfect in a wedding.

Another Etsy store, EmiciBridal, has gorgeous ringbearer pillows. The ones shown below are on sale until Monday! Get one for yourself!

FIAZCO makes handmade clutches from high quality fabrics and fine silk. They would be a great gift idea for that special bridesmaid, or for yourself to carry on your wedding day!

Friday's Finds: Etsy Shops via
Gwyneth Collection

OrangeSlice offers beautiful, innovative pieces of jewelery carved from handmade wood laminate. The designs are incredibly intricate and beautiful. A piece of jewelery from this collection would be great for bridesmaids, your mother, or yourself. Perfect for a vintage wedding.

I hope you find something you like! If you find another Etsy store that you think is amazing, please share it with me! There are SO many Etsy stores out there! It can take hours out of your day!

Have a happy Friday!

by: Lauren

Okay, I confess. I LOVE custom invitations. They are what led me to stumble upon the wedding blogosphere. Therefore, I am forever in debt to, and in love with, custom invitations.

Your wedding invitation is going to be the very first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will have. You want your invitations to reflect what your wedding will be like, as well as your personality. Custom invitations are perfect for achieving this.

Just a little background information about custom invites:

  • You have the ability to match the theme and feel of your wedding
  • You can make them yourself (if creatively and graphically inclined)
  • You can work closely with the designer, in lieu of choosing from a collection
  • You can choose from a collection and have the wording and colors customized

Depending on the designer or company, the design process is done in different ways. But altogether, the possibilities are endless with custom invitations!

Here are some gorgeous invitations that I’ve come across as of late.

The Love of Custom Invitations via
*Studio on Fire

The Love of Custom Invitations via

The Love of Custom Invitations via
* Nothing But Bonfires

Custom invitations are a great way to give your guests a preview to your wedding! It will be guaranteed that they’ve never seen an invitation like yours before!

by: Lauren

I saw a few more adorable First Looks, and I just had to do an encore to yesterday’s post!

Encore: The Many Faces of "First Looks" via TheELD.comEncore: The Many Faces of "First Looks" via
*Kricia Morris Photography

Encore: The Many Faces of "First Looks" via
*Studio 222

Oh the love and emotion! It makes me want to get married again!