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I thought I would spread the word about some fabulous discounts going on around the internet shopping world today!

Some cute casual dresses from Nordstrom that are on sale
Fridays Finds: On Sale! via TheELD.comFridays Finds: On Sale! via


Regular Sale:

Fridays Finds: On Sale! via TheELD.comFridays Finds: On Sale! via TheELD.comFridays Finds: On Sale! via
*Click on photos to link to item on website*
White House|Black Market is having a great sale- up to 65% off!
Fridays Finds: On Sale! via TheELD.comFridays Finds: On Sale! via
*Click on photos to link to items on website* has a great selection of shoes from a plethora of designers.
It’s the perfect place to look for wedding dress shoes!
And it helps that their sale prices are great!

Fridays Finds: On Sale! via Fridays Finds: On Sale! via TheELD.comFridays Finds: On Sale! via TheELD.comFridays Finds: On Sale! via

*Click on shoe to go to item on website*

Enjoy these Friday Finds and have a GREAT weekend!

by: Lauren

To me, time is something that we don’t have enough of…there are not enough hours in the day! I am a huge proponent of using time wisely. Whether it involves blogging on my lunch break, going for a run and taking my dog, or making enough dinner for lunch the next day, I will do everything I can to “kill two birds with one stone”. It perplexes me when people waste their valuable time!

When planning a wedding, time is precious, especially if you have other priorities, such as a job, school, or children. One of the reasons that I started this blog was to help others who don’t have the time to search the internet for inspiration. I spent hours scouring the internet, reading through blogs, and perusing TheKnot to find inspiration for my wedding. I found amazing ideas, and mostly all of them were found on blogs, but the amount of time that I spent to find them was enormous!

Now my passion for weddings has led me to pursue a career in the wedding industry. I want to focus on helping others to maximize their time spent planning their wedding, but also make sure they enjoy it!

Time management and organization are crucial when planning a wedding. Just a few tips when it comes to these things:

  • It is wise to have a planner for your appointments, whether it’s on an electronic device or a physical planner. Combine your personal appointments, wedding appointments, and business appointments in one planner so you are able to keep track of everything.
  • Try to set aside a specific time of day for certain things if you’re finding yourself overridden with things to do. An example could be doing wedding related things from 7 pm to 8 pm only.
  • Have a place to jot down ideas, questions, or things you think of. Keep a mini notebook in your purse, send yourself emails, or have a place on your phone to jot things down.

It’s all about managing your time wisely and keeping your thoughts and ideas organized.

These are some items that will help make your life a bit easier. We can certainly all benefit from organizing our lives!

If you feel like you’re spending too much time searching for inspiration and ideas for your wedding, I would love to help out! Just drop me a line!

by: Lauren

I just had to share some of the gorgeous photos I’ve come across in the past few days. They were just all too good to only pick a couple, so I’ve decided to just do a montage and share them all!

(And I must add- the beauty of these photos are best experienced by playing
“Say” by John Mayer while viewing. You just might have tears in your eyes.)

"Just Have to Share" Wedding Photos via
Storybook fairytale.
Photo by Pure by Lindsey

"Just Have to Share" Wedding Photos via
Looks like something out of a magazine.
Photo by Cheyenne Schultz Photography

"Just Have to Share" Wedding Photos via
This rustic location is so different.
Click through to the links to see the dress up close…it’s stunning!

Via The Bride’s Cafe, Photo by Open Air Photography

"Just Have to Share" Wedding Photos via
I’m a sucker for yellow…plus I just love this idea for putting a splash of color into a dress!
Via Green Wedding Shoes

"Just Have to Share" Wedding Photos via
I absolutely LOVE Chicago. And just look at that dress!
So different and gorgeous!
Via Style Me Pretty, Photo by Artisan Events

"Just Have to Share" Wedding Photos via
Pure happiness.
Photo by La Dolce Vita Studio

I hope all these photos have been inspiring! Be sure to click on the links to see the rest of the photos from these weddings! They are all pure beauty!

by: Lauren

This Inspiration Board was designed for an upcoming December wedding.

The bride chose the colors of navy and silver, with a simple winter theme. The groom is a newly commissioned officer in the Army, and he will be wearing his dress blues (which I absolutely love!). Centerpieces of candles and white poinsettias, along with navy and silver accents, will set the mood perfectly for this classy winter wedding.

Inspiration Board: Navy and Silver Winter Wedding via
Row 1: Tablescape; Poinsettia; Programs
Row 2: Shoes; Saber Arch; Boutonniere
Row 3: Candles; Bouquet; Cake

I hope this December bride will find this Inspiration Board helpful in envisioning all of the details coming together to create a gorgeous wedding!