by: Lauren

I’m planning an {ELD} photo shoot, and I decided that it was time to create an inspiration board for it. The below images each embody a part of what I want the shoot to be like, but I can’t decide on a particular style to name it! To explain what I’m going for, here a few of the things going through my head: vintage and rustic, but not completely. Some bold colors thrown in, with hints of softness. And I want to stay away from the cliche “rustic chic” style (as much as I love it, it’s SO overdone).


As you may recall from last week’s super excited for 2010 post, I’m compiling a list of just about every possible wedding style there is to choose from! It’s in the works, but I still need more input. So, I want you all to help me name the style of this inspiration board, and in turn, help to name the first {ELD} photo shoot!


Help Me Name This Wedding Style! via

Row 1: Cake, Chalkboard seating, Tablescape, Carafes

Row 2: Centerpiece, Tablescape, Ceremony setup

Row 3: Table runner, table number, Tablescape


Okay, ready…and……GO!


by: Lauren

Instead of posting one single DIY project today, I decided to share this Seating Options board I created for a bride. I am a HUGE proponent of assigning table numbers to guests, because it eliminates so many possible problems that could possibly occur. However, there are so many more options to choose from for your seating other than just plain escort cards. Don’t get me wrong, escort cards are awesome, and so classy, but you can display them in SO many fun and unique ways!


Below are some examples of different ways to display your “escort cards”…and they are all very much DIY!


Seating Beyond Escort Cards via TheELD.comRow 1: Fence Post Magnet NumbersGenealogy Chart

Row 2: TwineApple Escort Cards, Buttons

Row 3: Escort Card TreeCloth Escort Cards, Chalkboard

Row 4: Old Door, Grass Display, Triangle Display

Row 5: Empty Window Pane, Cloth Tags

Row 6: Pinwheels, FramesApples


So, which one is your favorite? I’m going to be honest, I really can’t decide which one I like the most. I think the magnetic board with the actual numbers is pretty cool though!


by: Lauren

I’m SO excited to finally be able to provide an {ELD} printable! Today’s freebies are table numbers, thanks to Amanda of An Occasional Design.


Amanda created these table numbers in combinations of white and aqua and black and aqua, with the numbers going all the way up to 12. They will print best on 5×7″ cardstock, and you can display them any way you want! Just click on the links below the examples to download the full files!


Friday Freebies: Aqua Table Numbers via

White and Aqua Table Numbers


Friday Freebies: Aqua Table Numbers via

Black and Aqua Table Numbers


Both of these designs can pertain to very different styles of weddings, which is great! If there’s anything in particular that you would like to see as a printable, let me know! Whether it’s colors or a certain style of design, I’ll do my best to get it made!


by: Lauren

I recently realized that I haven’t done ANY posts about paper products in quite some time! This is so very odd for me, because I am absolutely obsessed with paper products. {Fun fact: I actually started off blogging with the desire to design paper goods, but discovered a deeper passion for the actual events!}


In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m kind of addicted to Twitter, and I love all of my “Twitter friends” as if I’ve really truly met them before and had dinner with them. I know, it’s kind of weird, but it’s the truth, and that’s what I do- tell the truth. So, one of my “Twitter friends” is Mandy Sparks, the owner of Tofu Paper Co., which is a vegan design company specializing in paper goods. They use soy ink and recycled paper on all of their products, which if you ask me, is quite a feat and oh-so-admirable!


Tofu Paper Co. has recently started a new custom invitation line, the Petite People Wedding Collection. The Petite People Wedding Collection is a custom design collection that is SO whimsical and fun! Brides send in a photo of themselves and their grooms, and can even send photos of their wedding dress, colors, and wedding theme. Tofu Paper Co. will create custom “Petite People” to resemble the bride and groom, including dress details, hairstyles, and even jewelry!


Paper To Love: Tofu Paper Co. via


Paper To Love: Tofu Paper Co. via


Paper To Love: Tofu Paper Co. via


Paper To Love: Tofu Paper Co. via


How incredibly cute are these?! Absolutely perfect for a fun, casual wedding! Definitely something I imagine would be a perfect fit for a “green” wedding! I still find it incredibly awesome that they use soy ink and recycled paper. I honestly didn’t even know that there was such a thing as soy ink, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard this! Who knew about this awesome green printing and didn’t tell me about it??