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I have another awesome fashion post for you all from the amazing Meg! This one is GORGEOUS and will definitely be a huge help when choosing different dresses for your bridesmaids!


Happy Friday, ELD Readers! Why don’t we wrap this week up with a little bit of a fashion chat?

Last week, I tried to explain why it’s a good idea for brides to break through those (often) self-imposed fashion rules when trying to decide on bridesmaids dresses. I got quite a few positive reactions to the idea of choosing different dresses for the maids to wear so I thought I’d put together another combination to get those creative juices flowing.

To create this week’s bridesmaid dress set, I looked at trends in color as well as thought about my own interests.  I’ve always loved the pairing of aqua and orange, especially for a summer wedding.  The two hues complement each other perfectly because they are on opposite sides of the color wheel.  This handy tool is something I frequently reference when considering outfits and color pairings!

Fashion Friday: Making Different Bridesmaids Dresses Look Polished via


I’m quite excited to see that many retailers are capitalizing on this unexpected combination, and my favorite store,  Anthropologie, has released several dresses in the blue/green and red/orange family of colors.  I picked a few that I think work really well together to form a pretty fantastic set of bridesmaid dresses:

Fashion Friday: Making Different Bridesmaids Dresses Look Polished via

Dresses in the above set, from left to right:

Verdant Slip Dress, Anthropologie, $138

Bocagrande Dress, Anthropologie, $248

Gathering Breeze Dress, Anthropologie, $258

Horkelia Shift, Anthropologie, $178

Backswept Dress, Anthropologie, $268


This set works well because it has linear elements throughout – and this is really important when choosing mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses.

With these, we have the consistent color scheme as well as similarities in materials. There are three dresses that have lace/embroidery work while the other two are made of silkier materials.  On top of that, the silhouettes go together nicely – while there is a mix of sheath and A-line, I tried to stick to only these two styles to maintain some consistency.  The contrasts do make for a visually interesting line that will look great in bridal party pictures, while the consistencies keep it from appearing too disorganized or haphazard.


How do you feel about using complementary colors in bridal parties?  What other color pairings do you find visually compelling?


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Fashion Friday: Making Different Bridesmaids Dresses Look Polished via


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  1. Brit @ Landlocked Bride

    Ahh, love the color wheel. My boss is super knowledgeable in color theory and we love the color wheel! So helpful!

  2. Meg

    Brit – I absolutely love this color wheel. I have it hanging in my closet and my boyfriend hates it. Color theory is quite fascinating – I work in PR and advertising so I’m constantly trying to recall the wheel. It’s also fun to do a Google image search for “color wheels.” People get pretty creative with their versions!

    Take care and thanks for commenting!


  3. ac

    do you sell copies of this color wheel? if so, how much?

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