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Happy Friday and almost-weekend y’all! (I know, I don’t normally use y’all, but I felt like it today, okay?) So there’s this amazing antique shop by me- I pretty much go there every week and never buy anything. (All of you vintage brides would be in HEAVEN!) They always have lots of vintage crates, and I always want to get one or two or five, but I don’t because a) have no place for them and b) don’t know what I would use them for! But then I saw this awesome usage of vintage crates in a shoot that my friend Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events did!

Detail To Love: Vintage Crates! via

Via Hey Gorg, Photo by Tonya Peterson Photography

Um, using vintage crates not only as a cake “table”, but a whole area of decor?! Love love LOVE it! You could put candy or dessert trays, you could use it as a backdrop for a photobooth or a sweetheart table, or even as a place for escort cards or a seating chart! So what do you all think? What other things would you use vintage crates for?

Oh and speaking of vintage, and all of the hooplah going around because of this post saying that vintage weddings are “trendy” (For the record: I believe vintage to be a STYLE) and “over”, I thought I would leave you all with a little advice and insight…

When it comes to your wedding, there may be “right” and “wrong” ways for how people say things should be done, and “trendy” and “unique” things that go in and out of style, but when it comes down to it, it’s YOUR wedding, YOUR day, and YOUR marriage. Everything is YOUR decision- do what is going to make YOU happy! :)

I’ll touch on all of this again a little later on, but for now… HAPPY WEEKEND!!

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Detail To Love: Vintage Crates! via


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  1. Melina

    I remember first seeing this image and feeling like I fell in love! I seriously want to get crates to use in my home as end tables in my living room. I totally agree with you that a bride need only listen to what she wants and not what some people in the industry are saying about what she should want! Hope you had a great weekend! :-)

  2. Christina

    I love, love, love these crates (and the cake on top isnt too shabby either). Fabulous picture!

    PS: I read that post too…totally agree with your advice :)

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