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It’s my birthday week, and I have a confession to make: I missed my blogging anniversary/birthday. It was the first week of July, and with going away on vacation, then getting home and moving right away, I was never able to make a big deal of it!


But now, I AM making a big deal of it with a GIVEAWAY to say thank you for being such awesome readers! I’m putting together a little gift basket for whomever the winner may be- the fabulous pink and gray shoe clips by LindenLovebirds from last week’s shoot, and some Kiwi Smiling Feet products to make your feet feel ten times better when you’re wearing the pretty clips!


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So here’s what you have to do to enter the giveaway:


Leave a comment on this post of what your favorite wedding detail is- favors, table numbers, escort cards, decor items, etc. The comment must include the type of detail and a description- it could be something that you’ve seen before, or something that you haven’t seen but are dreaming up! So get to commenting! The winner will be selected on my birthday- Thursday!


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Birthday Goodies For YOU! via


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Birthday Goodies For YOU! via

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  1. Katie

    I really like seeing creative escort card displays! It is one of those details that you don’t necessarily NEED to do, but when executed correctly, it makes a gorgeous statement!

  2. Cindy P

    My favorite wedding detail would have to be the table numbers where couples will use pictures of themselves either from their engagement shoot or from throughout their relationship and then the tables will have names instead of numbers representing something special to the couple.

  3. Rachel W

    I love when brides and grooms have a special gift for all the guests. I once had the couple leave a recipe card for their favorite breakfast, banana pancakes, and a set of small measuring spoons that were engraved with the bride and groom’s namse and the date of the wedding. It was really cute and a great way to remember the couple.

  4. Krystal

    I like guest books that aren’t traditional. I have seen great examples of vintage typewriters, and I’m definitely going to try to incorporate that!

  5. Becky B

    I like the idea of releasing butterflies rather than doing a rice/confetti toss after a park setting wedding.

  6. Kimberly@theunweddingblog

    I love when couples have their engagement photos put into a photobook, and then use that as the guestbook. Usually the photo book has white space around the each page for guests to sign. I wanted to do that so badly for my wedding but never got around to it!

  7. Paige + Blake

    I adore “photobooths”.
    such fun at receptions.

  8. Dani

    The rings. I love knowing if they have a special meaning. It makes them so much more fun to photograph.

  9. Carrie

    I like the little touches that really show you who the couple is. I went to a wedding recently where each table had a different centerpiece that focused on one thing they liked to do together. One was hiking, another was video games – and it was so much fun to look at all the different tables and piece together their story. Loved!

  10. Stacey

    I love creative escort card tables. As you know, I am always coming up with my “imaginary wedding” ideas. For mine, I would love a table full of sweet treats and confections with a little flag toothpick including the guest name and table number in each one. Dessert first is always a sweet suprise!

  11. Leah

    I had a champagne toast box at my reception. We purchased a bottle of champagne, put the box out and left a bunch of colored note cards and pens for people to write wedding wishes/toasts for us. Then we read the toasts and drank the champagne on our 1 year anniversary! It brought back all of the memories of our wedding day.

  12. Sharon

    My favorite detail has got to be all the paper products and signage at the reception – there are so many creative ways to set a mood, and it’s fun seeing all the monograms, silhouettes and motifs!

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  14. Jacqueline L.

    I recently came across a glorious arch that was adorned with various paper goodies: pinwheels, flowers, etc. I absolutely LOVED it & am hoping to make something similar for our wedding. Sweet & Whimsical! =)

  15. faye stringer

    My fav detail for my wedding is going to be the tables. We are both musicians so we are having tables named after composers, who will have a love “note” from that composer to his sweetheart, and in thr favour bags will be a rehearsal pencil and some “note” paper for them to write some advice, luck and quotes. So excited! Xx

  16. Erika Lee

    I really would like to do a “polaroid guestbook” as sort of a snapshot in time, where people snap polaroids of themselves and write messages next to them.

  17. Mario Caldeira

    “My fav detail for my wedding is going to be the tables. We are both musicians so we are having tables named after composers, who will have a love “note” from that composer to his sweetheart, and in thr favour bags will be a rehearsal pencil and some “note” paper for them to write some advice, luck and quotes. So excited! Xx” Nice lol :)

  18. Ginger

    I’m excited about my custom hanger for my wedding dress!!

  19. Jolene

    I also agree that a great guestbook can really make a difference. For our upcoming wedding next May in Cape Cod, Mass, creativity has taken over & our guestbook will be a twist on a “Message in a Bottle”. Using glass test tubes, wine corks & colorful paper, our guests will be able to leave a personal note for us. I’m really excited to see this come together and perhaps a bit more excited to read the notes afterwards with my fiance!

  20. Steph

    My favorite wedding detail is the guestbook- it is so dear and meaningful, a way to leave notes and wishes for when the ephemeral joy and beauty of the wedding day blends into a marriage. Our was a coffee table book from the city we were married it- I love flipping through the pages to read Des Moines trivia and history amidst the comments from our family and friends.

  21. Alicia @CharityWedding

    My favorite wedding detail as of late has to be lighting features. I have been seeing a ton of couples incorporating outdoor chandeliers into the decor and I absolutely love it. It not only adds glamor but also intimacy as it makes you feel like you are inside a classy dining room or something!

  22. Jaime

    My absolute favorite wedding detail is custom linens! For my wedding, I did two different colors of blue/aqua to play off my Tiffany Themed event! Our reception venue happened to have Tiffany blue pillars and beams, so the effect was stunning! Linens completely transform a space-and I don’t think many brides take advantage of this opportunity to show detail and tie their wedding and reception together!

  23. Tracy Koweh

    I love our personalized guest book. It has our pictures from our engagement shoot in it.

  24. Nancy

    My favorite detail is the escort cards since they can be almost anything and the guests will pay particular attention to them. My escort cards are going to be clam shells I picked up on the beach, bleached and will use rub-ons to add the guests name and table.

  25. MissJillian

    Right now, I love photobooths (as mentioned by another person above) because they help make the reception really fun and leave both the guests and the bride and groom with neat momentos of the evening. Right now, I also really love all the wonderfully creative DIY elements that are popping up in weddings, from handmade boutonnieres to beautiful paper flower garlands to ceilings adorned with tissue paper pomanders. DIY may be a lot work, but I think the payoff is spectacular. But, probably my favorite wedding element right now, isn’t particularly design related. My favorite thing is when it’s around 10 or 11pm and you’ve danced yourself into a hunger…and then all of a sudden out from the kitchen comes a little snack-er-oo. That’s the absolute best. I’ve been to a wedding with pizza, another with egg rolls and garlic sticks, and my best friend just had sliders and fries at her June wedding. I think that is the best thing you can do at your wedding that will make your guests totally happy!

  26. Carrie Pratt

    Great contest! I’d have to say that as a photographer my favorite detail are the centerpieces and creative and personal people get. When I get to the reception I’m always giddy with anticipation to see what fun I can have coming up with creative images of these details!

  27. margaret

    My favorite wedding detail is the pictures and stories couple include as part of their day. My best friend put pictures and sentimental stories of their entire wedding party in the ceremony program for all the guests to read. She had each story framed and gave them as gifts to the bridal party at the rehearsal dinner. It was so sweet of her to do that and I always look at it when I miss her.

  28. deanna

    Ha, feel a little guilty posting, but I love those clips. Anyway, I read on etsy about a DIY wedding that was designed by a couple. It was truly DIY because they were on a ship for the three months that they planned it. Everything was last minute, but really cool. The way the groom proposed was even DIY, he found an old key chain ring and a button, and fastened it together with string. For their centerpiece in the venue, they stacked a bunch of vintage TVs and every TV had their face (a picture) inside. The ceiling of the venue was covered in a huge paper chandelier made with strips of paper. There was so much… everything was personal. They even rigged up their own photobooth with props. I probably listed too much, but really, the whole thing was a labor of love and not something just thrown together at the last minute. And the best part is, they worked TOGETHER to do it!

  29. The Indie Bride

    I’d have to say the cake is my favorite detail. I’ve seen some really unique alternatives to traditional cakes lately – my favorite being “cheese” wedding cakes. They take different types of artisan cheeses and stack them in a tiered cake shape and serve crackers and fruits alongside – genius, not to mention yummy!

  30. Rachel

    I really love the cake. There are so many options for decorations and flavors!

  31. Tori

    My favorite things are personal details the a best represent the bride and groom. Mine are favors. My fiance is a foodie and well known with family and friends for his homemade BBQ sauces and rubs. So, he is jarring the sauce for our favors. Plus, I’m a designer, I will be designing labels for them that match our invites. It’s a little of him and me.

  32. Shanna

    Hmmm I have a lot of favorite details, but my most favorite is that my wedding will be very “fairy tale.” I am coming in around the backside of a lake as my guests watch across the water & through the trees to see me in a horse drawn carriage. It will go to the top of the aisle…I will pile out and proceed down the aisle with my parents…then after the “I Dos” my new husband & I will ride off in the carriage to go sign our marriage license.

  33. Dana

    I love to see what type of centerpieces a couple comes up with. I have seen goldfish, flowers, shells, and candles and I think each centerpiece said something about the couple. We want to focus on the natural elements of the location we are in so I think we will be using these cool tea light lanterns and incorporate burlap and lemons from my parents’ backyard in to our centerpieces somehow.

  34. Jeanie

    My favorite wedding detail so far in my upcoming wedding is our favors. My favorite candy is Skittles so our favors are going to be miniature champagne bottles filled with Skittles. Also, for the labels, we’re going to follow the theme/lettering of the Taunquery rum label but spell it as Tanguray as a play on my and my fiance’s last name. On the back label of each bottle we are also going to put each our guests’ name on it and specify at what table they’ll be sitting during our reception. I love how our favors are going to have sentimental and practical purposes in them!

  35. Sarah

    My favorite wedding detail by far is an original guest book. Friends of mine were just married and for their guest book they created a “Wedding Tree”. It was a lamant page of a tree without a single leaf; they left two different green colored stamps at the table and you thumb print was your leaf with your name or initials. After their big day they framed the “Wedding Tree” and will have it forever. This was the best and most creative addition to a wedding that I have seen!

  36. Nina

    I love the guestbook…I want to have one that is so unique…and i love the idea that it is a keepsake forever…you can always look back and see who was there and what they had to say…the perfect most amazing memory you will always have to look at!

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