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Happy Thursday everyone! It’s about time for another Ask Lauren post, don’t you think? This question actually comes from one of my friends, and although I could have just answered via Facebook, I thought that it might help someone else, so I’m answering here! And don’t forget- if you have a question that you want answered, just go here and submit it!

Alecia asked:

Hi Lauren! We are looking to combine our wedding and annual Kentucky Derby party into one day. The Derby coverage that our guests will want to watch will start around 5- what would be your suggestion for making it work? Is this tacky for a wedding- to combine our reception with a derby party?

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Hi Alecia! Okay, let me just start off by saying that I LOVE this idea! Not only will your guests have fun with it, but this is a great way to incorporate a theme into your wedding too! The fact that you and your fiancé have an annual Kentucky Derby party (and are known for it) makes it a no-brainer for you to combine the Derby with your wedding reception. It’s something that is going to reflect you as a couple, and that is definitely not tacky!

So my first suggestion is to use the Kentucky Derby as your wedding theme. I know the term “theme” sounds like it will be cheesy, but it won’t be if you use professionals to help you attain it. You would be surprised what kinds of great ideas wedding professionals can have when they’re given a cool theme. And as I said before, your theme is a reflection of your and your fiancé, which is what makes it so great! Besides, it will help you streamline  decisions that you need to make- date, attire, centerpieces, drinks, etc.

Since the Derby coverage begins around 5, I would of course suggest having your ceremony earlier in the day. Along these same lines, it may be the best option to have a cocktail-style reception where you serve hors d’oeuvres, and forego the traditional “dinner”. However, if you’re wanting to have something heavier than hors d’oeuvres, I would suggest having stations so guests can get food at their leisure, no matter what is going on with the Derby. It would be tough to do a plated meal while working around the Derby showing, so it would be best to keep things as free-flowing as possible. Ideally, I envision the ceremony occurring at say, 3pm, cocktails & hors d’oeuvres start 3:30/4pm, Derby coverage goes live at 5pm, and then following the Derby, have the “party” portion of your reception.

Going a little further with things (because I tend to go overboard sometimes), you could tell your guests to don their “Derby best” in your invitations, have Mint Juleps as your signature drink, serve Southern food, and use red roses in your decor. I could of course go on and on if I had a little time and brainstorming session. :) And like I said before, if you work with professionals, your wedding/Derby party can be incredibly classy as opposed to cheesy and tacky. It’s hard when you’re doing something a little different from the norm and working with a theme- people will definitely have some opinions. So just don’t forget that it’s your wedding, and you need to do whatever is going to make you two happy- no matter what!


Do any of you have something that you’re thinking of doing for your wedding, but you’re not sure if it’s tacky or not? Feel free to ask in the comments, or submit your question to Ask Lauren! I’m here to help! 

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Ask Lauren: Is This Tacky For A Wedding?  via


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  1. Alecia

    Thanks for answering Lauren. I feel a lot better about the idea after getting your professional opinion! I’m super excited you suggested not doing a sit-down dinner, because we just couldn’t think of a good way to do that logistically. Especially with our venue aka our house/backyard!

  2. Cody Doll

    This is an adorable idea, especially if bride ans groom are into derbys. Its a great idea and I love cocktail for inbetween time.

  3. Elizabeth

    I love, love a Derby-themed anything! My bf’s dad is from Camden, SC where the Carolina Cup is held. I would love to do a Derby/Steeplechase themed rehearsal dinner or bridal luncheon out in the lawn at The Steeplechase Museum! Fabulous idea Alecia, and great advice as always Lauren!

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